Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

The PLC are a development of networks that focus on middle and high school teachers working on content development and alignment across the STEM fields. These special networks focus on linking feeder middle schools to high schools, inclusion of parents into the PLC, defining the roles and participation of ISEP faculty and graduate students for support.

Parent/Guardian PLC

This PLC is designed to focus on how parents can actively partner with their child(ren) to keep them engaged with science learning. Also, parents/guardians with children in one or more of the ISEP schools also have the opportunity to help determine the best way to get other parents involved and invested in partnering with their children.

Although the PLC’s have been dormant for about a year, historically, as an active parent/guardian within this PLC, you will be invited to attend meetings throughout the year. Most of the Parent based PLC sessions will be scheduled for Saturday mornings.


PLC Photos