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Richard Venator – Bridges

10 Famous bridges around the world.

Yianna Russo – Atomic Theory Timeline

Construct a timeline of the development of the atom throughout history and how scientific models change with the introduction of new evidence. Indicate the birthplace of each scientist.

Caitlin Proietto – Chestnut Ridge Tour

Annual team-building field trip for the BPS #43 7th and 8th grade students!

Erik Olander – Niagara Falls High School Tour

Niagara Falls High School Tour.

Gina Okussick – Recent Earthquake Activity in Western New York

An overview of Earthquakes that have occurred in areas of Western New York over the past 3 years.

Angel Moses – Homicide in Buffalo

Shots Fired: Baghdad to Byrd Way, Freedom or Fear – The State of Inner City Communities!

Patrick McQuaid – Malaria Analysis

The First evidence of malaria is from the Palaeogene period of earth’s history, approximately 30 million years ago. Researchers and historians also have evidence that malaria was prevalent in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and may have played a role in the fall of the Roman Empire.
The name malaria is derived from mal aria (meaning ‘bad air’ in Medieval Italian). This idea came from the Ancient Romans who thought that this disease came from the horrible fumes in swamps.
In recent times, malaria was the most important health hazard encountered by US troops in the South Pacific during World War II. Half a million troops were infected and nearly 60,000 died.

Kathleen Marren – A Timeline of the Hickory Woods Community


Kimberlee Maynard – AP Environmental Science students’ Tour

Is the based on a paper mapping assignment to introduce new AP Environmental Science students to some geographic locations and a brief summary of eventful locations on Earth.

Steven Indalecio – Origins of Buffalo Public School English Language Learners

Adapted and Modified from the Buffalo City School District Cultural Awareness Guide


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