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2018 Camp Teachers Work

Story Map

Richard Venator – Bridges

Famous bridges around the world.

Carlo Casolini – Vacations

Construct a map telling the itinerary of a vacation.

Jill Roach – The Germ Theory

Create a timeline that follows the history of a theory. Include scientists, their locations, and some of their discoveries.

Erik Olander – Age of Exploration

Create a timeline that discusses the history of different explorers.

Gina Okussick – Active Volcanoes Around the World

An overview of active volcanoes in 2018.

Frank Strangio- Solar Energy

The use of solar energy around the world. Work with students to create a solar farm with students that has them use Google Earth, Sketch Up and Story Maps to pick a parcel of land, calculate measurements for the field and design a 3-D model of the farm.

Kris Green – Buffalo

A story map of football and the Buffalo Bills!

Larry John – Outdoor Adventures

A story map that covers a wide span of places in Western New York for outdoor adventure including the Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve, Chestnut Ridge Park, Allegany State park and much more!

Kelly Cal – Wind Farms in the United States

This story map takes a look at wind energy in the US as another form of renewable energy.

Mark Teoli – Love Canal

Pollution around the world.


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